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Bring your car to the best transmission shop in Plano, Texas!  You don't need an appointment - just drop by.  Whether you have an appointment or not, you will be given fast, efficient service.  We offer a free external transmission check, which includes checking the transmission fluid, and inspecting all components related to the transmission for looseness, improper exposure, or corrosion.  We also examine the fan clutch.  Our free external transmission check is entirely complimentary to all of our customers, whether this is your first visit or you're a returning customer.  

Every particular make and model of vehicle will have transmission issues that are unique to that type of car.  For over 25 years, we've worked on all different kinds of make and model, thereby giving us an advantage of familiarity with the specific transmission problems each one tends to manifest.  To cite just one example, Ford vehicles sometimes have issues with the transfer case if the vehicle's tires are not the right size or if they are not properly inflated.  If the vehicle owner has intentionally chosen a different size of tire, then an adjustment will be needed on the vehicle's computer.  The pinion factors will also need to be reset.  Without performing these adjustments, problems may result that can be mistaken for a failing transmission.  
One of the benefits we offer is a free road test.  Road testing is the best way for our mechanics to observe exactly how your vehicle's transmission is performing.  Based on first-hand observations, we're able to report if there was any delay in response, signs of the transmission slipping, harsh or soft shifting, unexplained vibrations, or excessive noise.  This aids in the diagnosis of your vehicle's poor performance.  Following this initial diagnosis, we perform a comprehensive electronic computer vehicle scan.  This scan verifies what kind of repair is needed.  We also look underneath your vehicle to check for leaking fluid.  In addition, while your car is in this position, the mechanic is able to explore all external connections.  The axles, drivelines, mounts, and U joints will also be inspected.  
After performing an external inspection, if our mechanic is unable to find the problem, we recommend that an internal transmission inspection is performed.  For an internal transmission inspection, it is necessary to remove the transmission from the vehicle.  Each component of the transmission has to be removed and inspected thoroughly.  If a damaged part is found, the mechanic will then investigate to determine if the damage was caused by expected wear and tear or if the transmission was overheating.  If overheating was indeed the problem, then it indicates another underlying issue.  While the transmission is removed, we also look for any rear main oil seal leaks from the engine, the drive shaft, the flywheel, the U joints on the carrier bearing, the differential pinion seal, and the bearings.  
There are several things that could upset the proper operation of a transmission, including a dirty air filter, a dirty fuel filter, or throttle position sensors.  A poorly performed tune-up, or even having skipped a tune-up, can also cause problems with a car's performance.  An engine that is not well-maintained or a defective cooling system could also appear to be a transmission problem.  At The Transmission Shop in Plano, these are important inspection points that we do not overlook.  We have the best mechanics who take their work seriously.  And because we value your business, we keep our services reasonably priced.

When your car needs a transmission repair, it can be inconvenient and potentially expensive.  That's why we consider it a serious matter when determining whether or not an overhaul or complete replacement is necessary.  There are many factors to be considered before making the final diagnosis.  Sadly, this is where many other transmission repair shops fall short.  Too many mechanics rush through the process of diagnosing the problem, which can result in  them missing the actual cause.  The end result is more problems and expense for the customer.  Trust only the best!  At The Transmission Shop in Plano, we find the problem and fix it correctly the first time!
After we diagnose the problem and have your approval to proceed with the needed repairs, our skilled mechanics get busy.  When a transmission rebuild is required, we use only the best, brand new, high quality parts.  We also implement any recommended updates for the vehicle's specific make and model.  Different vehicles requires different types of transmission fluid and following a transmission installation, we make sure your car is supplied with the correct fluid.  
When we're done with a transmission repair, rebuild, or installation, we do one more external examination.  Also, the vehicle is taken for at least two more test drives.  The first test drive is done by the mechanic who personally worked on the transmission.  There is then a second test drive performed by a second mechanic in order to provide a second opinion and confirm the results.  If the vehicle is performing as expected, the mechanic will inspect it one more time from underneath to confirm that there are no leaks and that all bolts, brackets, and connections are holding securely.  All of our staff at The Transmission Shop in Plano take pride in our expertise and customer satisfaction.  We even offer a warranty to back up our work.  

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