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Clutch Replacement and More

The Transmission Shop McKinney can help you by extending the life expectancy of your clutch.  One simple part of clutch maintenance is the replacement of gear oil.  Over time, of course, every clutch eventually reaches it's limit of wear and tear.  However, when that time arrives, you will want someone reliable to help.  The professionals at The Transmission Shop McKinney are ready to aid you by replacing the clutch, resurfacing the flywheel, and replacing the pressure plate and throw out bearing.  We do whatever we can to make car repairs convenient for you, our customer, by being your main source for all transmission and transmission-related repairs and services possible, including the installation or repair of a clutch.  
It's possible for a manual transmission to last for 100,000 miles or more, and they are known to be more predictable than automatic transmissions.  But while they have a reliable reputation, manual transmissions do have a weakness.  That weakness is the clutch.  Every time you drive, the clutch is constantly being engaged and disengaged.  This causes a lot of wear and tear, especially when driving in an area with lots of stop and go traffic.  In this scenario, the clutch is going through hundreds of cycles of being engaged and disengaged.  Over time, the clutch is overworked and simply wears out.  Inevitably, the clutch will begin to slip, become harder to shift, and eventually burn out.  

You may ask yourself, "When do I consider replacing the clutch?"9D  There are several warning signs to watch for in order to recognize a clutch that is failing.  Here are some tips to follow:
LOOK - Your vehicle's tachometer may begin to respond erratically.  As a clutch begins to wear out, it will slip and not shift as smoothly.  As a result, the tachometer will become erratic in movement.  
LISTEN – Your vehicle's engine may rev up randomly or excessively when there's no increase in speed.  Often this will happen at the same time the tachometer moves erratically and there may also be a jerking of your car.  These are definite warning signs of a clutch that is failing and you should give it immediate attention.  
SMELL - When a clutch is beginning to fail, there may be an unpleasant odor similar to burnt rubber.  When a clutch is improperly grinding against the flywheel, it results in friction that produces this odor.  
FEEL - You can usually feel when it is difficult to change gears.  If it's to the point that you have to force the stick shift into gear, then the clutch is having problems engaging or disengaging properly.  
These are all things that indicate a clutch problems, but it's a good idea to seek professional assistance before all of them manifest.  When a clutch is failing, the odds are better that damage will be minimal and cost lower if you have it repaired promptly.  At The Transmission Shop McKinney, we can help you find the source of the problem before it gets worse.  Don't trust your car with just anyone - come to the professionals here at The Transmission Shop McKinney!  You can also find us at several other convenient locations in Dallas, Lewisville, Garland, and Plano.

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