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Differential Service Experts

Among the many services we perform at The Transmission Shop McKinney, we also offer quality differential repair service.  This service includes performing a complete inspection.  Then, depending on what's needed, we remove, repair, or replace damaged gears, as well as replace old fluids. 
Each vehicle contains a gearbox, which performs under an extreme amount of heat.  It's from the gearbox that the power is delivered to the wheels.  There is fluid required for the gearbox to operate smoothly.  The gearbox fluid provides necessary lubrication for the protection of your gear, shafts, and bearings from both friction and vibration.  It is a good idea to know how often your vehicle's manufacturer recommends replacing the differential fluid.  Most manufacturers will recommend replacing the differential fluid at least once every 25,000 to 30,000 miles.  This is due to the chemistry breakdown that occurs naturally over time.  Protect your vehicle now from bearing or gear failure by visiting The Transmission Shop McKinney for differential service.  In addition, we can service your vehicle with preventative measures against overheating and premature wear of the gears. 

Whenever you come to The Transmission Shop McKinney, you will find knowledgeable mechanics and quick, quality service.  Find peace of mind knowing that reliable technicians are taking care of your vehicle.  Stop by The Transmission Shop McKinney today and see for yourself!  Experience our superior service and fair prices for all your car care needs. 

McKinney Differential Service Specialists

All vehicles’ gearboxes operate under an intense amount of heat. The gearbox is where the power is delivered to turn the wheels. The gearbox fluid is very important because it provides the needed lubrication to protect the transmission’s gears, shafts and bearings from stressful conditions such as friction and vibration. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the differential fluid should be replaced at least once every 25,000-30,000 miles. Over time, differential fluid naturally breaks down. Bring your car to The Transmission McKinney so we can make sure your transmission and its differential is protected from premature failure. We will also ensure that your bearings and gears are operating at peak performance. Let us help you prevent unnecessary wear and overheating of your differential components.

You can count on only the highest quality of differential repair service from The Transmission Shop McKinney. We do not cut corners, but always perform total transmission inspections. We are also skilled at removing, repairing or replacing damaged gears and replacing old fluids.

Expect our expertise to result in quick service. The most talented master mechanics and certified technicians are at the Transmission Shop McKinney. Enjoy the ease of sitting back, relaxing, and letting our differential experts work their magic. Second to none service and competitive prices makes coming to The Transmission Shop McKinney a win-win situation. Visit us today and we’ll care for all of your transmission repairs and car service needs. We work with integrity, always with the upmost of care and honesty. Trustful mechanics DO exist and they are working at The Transmission Shop!

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