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Transmission Repair McKinney

As the owner of a car, you don't want to put your trust in just anyone when it comes to servicing your transmission.  You want someone who has experience with transmission repairs, transmission overhauls, and transmission replacements.  You can be confident in the mechanics at The Transmission Shop McKinney!  Come to us and experience peace of mind and an assurance of satisfaction.  We have the needed specialists who understand and have the technical know-how to deal with the intricate problems that occur with manual transmissions and automatic transmissions.  Not only will you find expertise at The Transmission Shop, but we also have the necessary specialized diagnostic tools and equipment.  

At The Transmission Shop McKinney, our skilled mechanics and staff offer excellent service and reliable transmission work.  Our services include, but are not limited to:  transmission repairs, inspections, diagnoses, removal, and/or installation of a new transmission.  All of our technicians have a great deal of experience in transmission repair, regardless of the make, model, or age of your particular vehicle.  Every technician is also trained and certified to service both automatic and manual transmissions.   They are also trained on certified on both domestic and foreign vehicles.  
Come by and we will have your transmission running like new in a jiffy!  In addition to the serviced received, we offer a warranty on our transmission repairs for the next 3 years or 36,000 miles.  Our warranty shows that we stand behind our workmanship and have confidence in the services we offer our customers.  
Here at The Transmission Shop in McKinney, our master mechanics will inspect your transmission thoroughly and quickly.  Best of all, the entire diagnostic is FREE of charge.  Our technicians will carefully determine if your transmission needs a minor external repair or a more intricate internal repair.  
There are many times that we have received phone calls from customers who have been told by their general auto mechanic that their car needs a brand new transmission.  At this point, they are understandably upset and have experienced inconvenience.  In search of a second opinion, they come to The Transmission Shop McKinney for a more thorough diagnosis.  We are often able to turn frustration into relief by examining the vehicle and finding that an entire transmission replacement is not needed!  In some instances, only a minor repair is required, such as fixing a loose cable, electrical connection, or fuse.  When a problem is detected early, we can often catch a transmission issue before it becomes a major problem needing extensive repair.  Unfortunately, many drivers are convinced early on by a general mechanic that they're being offered a good deal, when in reality, most of the cost was unnecessary.  
Don't delay in getting your transmission diagnosed if you think it may have a problem.  It's never a good idea to ignore the signs of a potential transmission problem.  It could end up costing a great deal more in the future if left to worsen.  Some typical warning signs are as follows: 
  • Fluid on the ground where you were just parked
  • The transmission fluid has a burnt odor
  • The color of your transmission fluid is brown or another dark color
  • The transmission is slipping
  • Strange and excessive noise or vibrations
  • Strange and excessive noise or vibrations
  • Shifting from one gear to the next takes longer or is harder for your vehicle to complete
These problems listed above can indicate a transmission problem and are fairly easy to notice.  Don't risk needing more extensive and costly work in the future when you can be proactive and hopefully avoid unexpected breakdowns.  We recommend having your vehicle inspected and serviced regularly based on the manufacturer's suggested schedule.  Doing this will extend the life expectancy of your transmission and may also prevent other inconveniences as well, not to mention unnecessary, avoidable costs.  
Excessive heat is one of the most common causes of transmission failure.  The transmission fluid in your car helps protect the transmission from overheating.  It is very important to follow the recommended schedule for having your transmission fluid changed.  If the transmission fluid is not being changed properly, the result is a breakdown of the existing fluid.  In the absence of transmission fluid, your transmission will overheat and is easily damaged.  
Another common source of wear and tear on your transmission is constant driving in heavy stop and go traffic.  While this is not something you can always avoid, it does unfortunately wreak havoc on your transmission.  One way to help prevent damage is to have an external transmission cooler installed.  Doing so helps to relieve the damage caused by stop and go traffic by allowing your transmission to run cooler.  If you'd like to prolong the life expectancy of your transmission, why not call The Transmission Shop in McKinney today for assistance?
We offer complete Drive Train Services on Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, Axles, Differentials, Clutch Assemblies, Clutches and Clutch Hydraulics, Transfer Cases, as well as Transmission Fluid and Filter maintenance service.
Automotive transmissions are available in a wide range of "gears"9D or "speeds"9D.  The range runs from an older two-speed power glide to a more current eight-speed overdrive that is used in vehicles today.  Also available are constant velocity transmissions or CVTs.  A CVT is a one-speed transmission that does not shift.  Currently, the majority of CVT transmissions are not being manufactured in a way that allows them to be rebuilt.  
Since there are so many different types of transmission repair, the cost varies.  If your vehicle only needs an external repair, it's usually a simple, inexpensive problem.  On the other end of the spectrum, your transmission may require a transmission overhaul, also called a transmission rebuild, which is more complicated.  In order to determine a fair cost, several factors are taken into consideration, including whether your vehicle has rear or front wheel drive, overdrive, 4x4, or all wheel drive.  In the case of a 4x4 or all wheel drive vehicle, there is a transfer case component that “transfers” motion to all four wheels.  Another consideration is the many variations based on manufacturer.  Although you may own a domestic vehicle, it is possible that your transmission is one that is also typically found in a foreign vehicle or vice versa.  

While it's true that all transmissions function on the same principal, it's likewise true that they may have different components.  While one type of transmission has just a few simple sensors or solenoids, another may also have a transmission control module, or TCM.  Additionally, there are some transmissions dependent on a power control module, or PCM, in addition to the sensors or solenoids.  All of these different components are then connected by one single harness.  Eventually, as time passes, this harness can rub against another component, resulting in damage, or it can just become brittle with age.   It is also a common occurrence for vehicles that are used and parked in rural areas to become a nesting place for rodents.  In these instances, rodents often gnaw on the wiring, causing a short.  Something else to consider is that a transmission contains modules, similar to those in a common personal computer, which need to be updated with the most current software.  This alone may fix a transmission problem.  
Here at The Transmission Shop in McKinney, we take pride in our ability to diagnose your auto problem correctly and in a timely manner.  We perform reliable transmission services for all of our clientele.  We are confident that we will save you money by solving the root problem the first time so you are not charged for unnecessary repairs.  We are so confident in our work that we warranty all of our transmission repairs.   
Give us a call or come by The Transmission Shop McKinney today!  Or visit any of our other convenient locations in Plano, Frisco, Allen, Dallas, or Lewisville.   Or simply fill out the form on the left for more information!

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