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Whether you are already experiencing some possible transmission problems, or you would like to be pro-active in preventing transmission problems that will eventually leave you stranded on the side of the road, visit The Transmission Shop Plano to ensure the dependability of your car or truck. We offer FREE transmission inspections and transmission check ups, so what have you got to loose?

No appointment is needed at our Transmission Shop Plano to take advantage of this free offer. Just bring in your vehicle any day of the week during normal business hours and we will get started right away with a thorough transmission examination.

Our Plano Transmission Repair Shop specializes in both automatic transmission repairs and standard (or manual) transmission repairs, which often also include clutch repairs. Our services don't stop there. We are also certified to service your drive shafts, u joints, axles, differentials, transfer cases, and all other car components.

Most transmission problems can be resolved with a transmission repair service. However, if our complete and thorough inspection happens to reveal that your transmission has reached the end of its life and is not repairable, our transmission specialists are completely experienced in transmission replacement and transmission installation. Only the highest quality of parts are used and we back up all of our work with our warranty.

Perhaps your transmission does not need a transmission repair or a transmission replacement. It actually may be discovered that all it needs is a transmission maintenance service to change your transmission fluid, replace a dirty filter, or adjust a sensor. At the Plano Transmission Shop, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that an ACCURATE diagnosis will be made and skillfully performed by our expert transmission professionals. Never will you pay for an unnecessary repair on the wrong component. Our inspections are very thorough and our mechanics are relentless in discovering the true cause of your mechanical problem.

The free inspection at our Plano Transmission Shop begins by checking the levels of your transmission fluid. But we are far from being done at this point. Next, we take your vehicle for a test drive to determine how well it is performing. Afterwards, a computer scan is conducted to precisely identify any needed repairs. A complete visual inspection is also conducted underneath the hood and underneath the vehicle while it is lifted in the air. We inspect all of your transmission components and search for any possible leaks, signs of corrosion or loose connections. We also check your filters because dirty filters can cause problems in the engine that sometimes mimic a transmission problem.

If the transmission problem is still not clear after all of the above procedures, then an internal inspection will be recommended to our customer. This is highly recommended because it might be able to prevent you from having to replace the entire transmission. The internal inspection requires that we remove your transmission entirely and take it apart. Each and every component of the transmission will then be very carefully examined, including the seals of the joints and bearings. Really, no stone is left unturned so that the source of your problem can be exactly pinpointed. At The Plano Transmission Repair Shop, we take great pride in providing an accurate and honest diagnosis so that the proper repair is made.

Of course, most people would prefer to avoid any kind of transmission repair in the first place. The best way to do this is by keeping up with all of your scheduled transmission maintenance services. At The Plano Transmission Repair Shop, we want you to view us as your partners in preserving the life of your vehicle. Come by today for a free diagnostic transmission inspection, and/or a transmission maintenance service. Keeping your transmission fluid changed on a regular basis is vital for its function.

In between visits to our Plano Transmission Shop for transmission maintenance, it is also wise for the driver to frequently check the level of transmission fluids on a regular basis. This can be done once a month, but if you drive in high stress conditions, such as frequent stop and start traffic, you need to check the levels more often and have the fluid changed at our Shop more frequently.

Our highly trained and professional staff will treat your vehicle as one of their own. In addition to outstanding service after you arrive, The Transmission Shop Plano will even help you to get here with our free towing with major repair services!

At The Plano Transmission Shop, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the BEST possible hands!

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